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Frequently asked questions


How much will it cost?
The most common question and the most difficult to answer until I have a clear idea of what you want. Fabric affects cost, both in price per metre and because some fabrics require special handling, this increases the time needed to work with them. The design also affects cost. 
I can often give a rough estimate when I have some information, but it won't be a binding quote until I know exaclty what is required. Then I can give you a written quotion which will only change if your specification changes.

Is it cheaper than in the shops?
Your garment will be custom made for you not mass produced in an overseas factory. So naturally the price reflects this and will not be cheaper than chain store prices.

When can I have it?
That depends, on what it is, and how busy I am. Sometimes rush jobs are possible, however priority is always given to those who have booked my services ahead of time. It is best to allow a minimum of 6-8 weeks for custom made items, and for wedding dress alterations, as both require multiple fittings.

What are your opening hours?
I normally work Monday to Friday (excluding bank holidays) 1000hrs-1800hrs. Appointments are sometimes available later in the evening depending on availablity, however these tend to get booked up quite a way in advance, so contact me as soon as possible if you need a later evening appointment.

What happens when I make an order for a custom made garment 
Once a firm order has been made (read a copy of my terms and conditions here) measurements are taken in order to make a mock up
This enables me to check fit and style, changes are then made to make sure both are right for you. Common changes are to raise or lower neckline or change the length, although many other changes can be done at this point. Sometimes a second mock up may be required.
Once we are both happy  the garment is then cut in your chosen fabric, with at least one further fitting to check the level of fit. No further style changes can be made at this point.
The garment is then completed and will be ready for your collection.

I have fabric and/or a pattern, will you make it for me?
Yes, although you should check that the fabric and pattern are suitable for your requirements.

I have no idea of what fabrics and pattern to choose or where to buy them, what do I do?
Come and see me. I have an extensive collection of patterns, and sources for patterns. I also have samples of fabrics which can be ordered direct through me. I also will advise on where to shop and what to look for if you prefer to buy independently.

Do I have to provide zips and thread etc.
No not all, in fact I prefer to do that, as I can then make sure the supplies are suitable for the job.

What type of items do you sew?
I make garments of most types and do alterations on the majority of clothing. I don't do leather work or soft furnishings and curtains.

I have a vague idea what I want, do you offer advice?
I discuss your requirments in detail at your first appointment in order to work out exaclty what you want, even though you may not know what that is yet. I can also recommend a style and colour consultant if required.

I am a student, can you help me with my coursework or work experience?
Due to the constraints of running a business I am unable to offer free advice, samples or designs.
I suggest using the internet, library or museums to reseach your project. I offer private tuition, and consultancy at reasonable rates.