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It is important that you read the following information about changes to my normal working practices. The COVID-19 pandemic is an extraordinary situation, and this is necessary to ensure your safety and mine, and to minimise the risk of transmission.

  • Do not attend appointments if you, or anyone in your household, is showing any symptoms of COVID-19.

  • I will only have availability for ONE fitting appointment each day, this will be at 18:00 so I can then close down the room and clean all surfaces.

  • Only the client having the fitting will be allowed in the building. Anyone else attending will be required to wait outside.

  • Masks / face coverings must be worn from entry into the premises. If you cannot supply your own then I can supply a reusable fabric mask, which will be sanitised between clients (or available to purchase at a nominal fee).

  • During client fittings I shall be wearing a fabric mask, and a clear visor.

  • Hand washing / sanitising facilities are available and clients will be required to use them before fittings.

  • You will need to wear your chosen undergarments to the fitting, there will be no changing on site to minimise contact time.

  • It is also essential you bring the shoes you plan to wear on your wedding day. Without these I cannot complete a fitting and further appointments will be required. Given that I can only book one fitting each day, this will cause delays. An extra charge will be made for appointments repeated due to lack of shoes.

  • The appointment is for garment fitting only, so there will be no trying on of accessories, veils, jewellery etc. again to minimise contact time.

  • During the fitting windows and doors will be open to maximise airflow.

  • After your fitting the dress will be bagged and quarantined for a minimum of three days before I can work on it further. This will affect turnaround time; if you require faster turnaround I can steam the garment to sanitise it, however that will incur an extra cost.

  • Please plan your visit to avoid needing to use toilet facilities.

  • If following your appointment you develop any symptoms of COVID-19 you MUST let me know, so I can take appropriate action.